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Back in July, Jason Mraz walked into the High Voltage tattoo parlor in West Hollywood to get a new tattoo. Kat Von D, the owner and star of the reality TV show, LA Ink, personally tattoed the “Be Love” design on Mraz’s right forearm while the camera’s were rolling.

The “Be Love” tattoo features a circle with a triangle inside. Mraz explained the meaning of the tattoo recently in his blog: “The Circle represents the Whole. The triangle, perfection, is made of equal parts Mind, Body, and Soul. Therefore, the symbol is there to inspire “Being Whole in Mind, Body, and Soul.”

Jason Mraz’s other tattoos include a rooster on his lower back, the phrase “RESTAREA” on his right upper chest, and “Beginner” on his upper arm. (These are all visible in the “Inspiration” video which is part of Mraz’s Grati-Tube comedy web series).

On Thursday, September 17, TLC will air the LA Ink episode featuring Jason Mraz.

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